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Why Do We Do This?

Because We Also Go Through It


It was estimated in 2017, that about 970 million People Worldwide have a mental or substance use disorder.  And it is estimated that every year roughly 800,000 people commit suicide worldwide. We created this company because we can no longer remain silent.  We lost two cousins, and a best friend to suicide and we know we are not the only ones feeling empty.  We have personally dealt with suicidal thoughts, self-harm, depression, alcohol abuse, PTSD, and anxiety.  We know that the road is not an easy one, and it can make you feel like you are all alone.  We are here to bring awareness that you are NOT ALONE.  That we need to speak up, tell the truth, break the stigmas, and look for real recovery and change in our society. All of our designs, "heart work," is created out of our own darkness, our own battles, and our own feelings.  We do not pretend to know what people feel and what people go through.  We are feeling it and going through it ourselves on a daily basis too! Help Us Spread Awareness and Show others They are NOT ALONE! Check out our products, share our site, check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!  Together we can break the stigma and get real healing to happen!  Together we can change the world!

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